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Provide your mobile phone number at an actual shop before you make a purchase. The Program Participant will receive a verification code to the specified phone number, which must be reported to the cashier to complete the registration. An employee will register the Participant. The fact of registration in the Program signifies acceptance of the following rules, as well as the Privacy and Personal Data Processing Policy.


Purchases made at the Nude Story online or actual shop will give you some points:

When you make your first purchase, you will receive 300 points + 3% of the purchase amount.

Subsequently, when making further purchases, the bonus account will be credited with points at the rate of 3% of the purchase amount.

When the total amount of offline and online purchases at the Nude Story is 50,000 - 4% of the purchase amount is reached

When total offline and online Nude Story purchases reach 100,000 - 5%

excluding shipping costs, after applying all valid discounts.

Bonus points are deducted at the rate of 1 point for 1 ruble. The user has the right to pay with Bonus Points up to 100% (one hundred percent) of the cost of goods. The Bonus program does not apply to services for delivery of goods to the User.

The Points accumulated by the User and not spent in the created online order or purchase in retail stores, remain on the User's points account. You can check the number of Points in your account and view the history of accrual and withdrawal of Points in the Personal account at

In the case of return of goods, payment for which was made by the bonus points and cash or card, the amount paid in cash or card in accordance with the conditions of return of funds will be refunded. Points will not be returned to the Member's Account.  In case of order cancellation, the Points applied to the cancelled order will not be refunded.

The Points accumulated by the user are not refundable.


When paying at the cash desk of the Nude Story actual shop by the mobile phone number that was provided at registration.

Points are not credited after a purchase by check.

Nude Story Online Shop automatically places an online order

When performing a targeted action, for example, participation in a survey (the number of Points depending on the action taken is set individually).

The Points are credited after 14 calendar days from the date of payment for the purchase and transfer of goods to the Participant.

Points are not credited for the purchase of gift vouchers and payment for delivery services.


Points are deducted from the Member's account at the moment of payment for goods: actual shop at the cash desk, online shop.

In the actual shop Nude Story when paying for goods at the cash desk by the phone number that was specified at registration. The Program Participant will receive a verification code to the specified phone number, which must be reported to the cashier to complete the bonus points transaction; 

When placing an order online at the Nude Story online store, you need to use the bonus points feature to pay for the order so that a discount equal to the number of bonus points can be applied.


Points are not redeemable for cash.

If the amount of Points in the Account has not been written off in full, then the unused balance remains available for deduction.

In the event that the Points are used for the purchase of two or more items, a discount will be granted for each item purchased in proportion to its value, but not exceeding the amount of active Points in the Member's Account as of the date of purchase.


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